Sexshop Reusable Inflatable Doll Pillow Breasts

Sexshop Reusable Inflatable Doll Pillow Breasts

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1. Chest pillow: The chest pillow is made of high-quality memory foam milk silk, which has a super soft and plush feel and helps maintain its original shape.

2. Great feeling: big breasts and full F cup. You will not feel how wonderful these feelings are.

3. Ergonomic design: suitable for many purposes, including sleeping, hugging, watching TV, reading books or birthday gifts, bachelor parties, graduation ceremonies, retirement, anniversaries, work events and other gifts.

4. Private Design Pillowcase: Each pillow includes its own pillowcase designed to protect it, provide a soft touch, and show off a beautiful shape.

5. Incredible Versatility: Our excellent designers make this pillowcase suitable for multiple functions or activities. It can be used as a decorative pillow cover or as a good idea at an affordable price.


This product is a chest pillow, made of memory foam milk yarn, with a super soft and plush feel, helping to keep its original shape.


Size: about 29*20*14CM

Fabric material: milk silk

Red color

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