Sexshop Wireless Vibrator Nora Lovense Version 6

Sexshop Wireless Vibrator Nora Lovense Version 6

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Nora is a remote control vibrator, finally done right. 

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Nora is a remote control vibrator, finally done right. Most non-tech remote control vibrators have weak vibrations and cheap remotes. They usually break after a few uses. High-tech Bluetooth remote control vibrators often have Bluetooth connection issues. They're made by companies that don't understand the underlying technology and outsource key parts of the product, like app development. LOVENSE specializes in sex technology. The antenna technology used at LUSH is unlike any of our competitors. The vibrator we use is powerful, but almost silent when inserted. Our full-time software development team is constantly updating apps and adding new features based on customer feedback. If you buy and have an idea for a feature, please contact us! SOFTWARE FEATURES: Close range control (up to 30ft direct range, around 5-10ft 360 degree range) Long distance control (can be controlled at ANY distance using two smartphones and connecting on the app ) Unlimited vibration patterns (create and share your own or downloaded from the cloud) Sync to Music - experience your favorite songs in a whole new way! Sound Activated Vibrations Sync (if two people have Lush or Hush connected,

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