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We at LibiJrz ("we") recognize the importance of privacy and the confidentiality of personal data. ("A Boutique", " LibiBay " or the "Platform") is a business-to-consumer (or "B2C") platform that facilitates buying and selling between vendors (or "Sellers" ) and consumer buyers (or "Buyers").

This Privacy Policy sets forth the ways in which we may collect, use, and disclose information related to the operation of the Platform, including personal data about you, users of the Platform, and visitors and their representatives. This Privacy Policy also applies to the use of the Platform through your mobile device. Other LibiJrz services are governed by separate Privacy Policies. Consult the Privacy Policy applicable to such services.

As long as local data protection laws apply, the controller of your personal information will be the same as your contracting entity. See section L. HOW TO CONTACT US, below.


The personal data we collect generally covers the following categories:

Information you provide us:

If you are a Buyer, we will ask you to provide us with:

  • contact information: name, address, telephone number, email address;
  • purchase and/or payment information: details of the credit card or other similar payment method with which you intend to make the purchase and the billing and delivery address;
  • information about your purchases: the goods purchased and their quantity;
  • information on disputes and/or support for these disputes formulated in relation to the Platform or the goods and/or services acquired through the Platform;
  • identification document (passport, among others) to verify your identity in certain circumstances, such as when requesting after-sales services.

If you are a Seller, that is, an employee or representative of a Seller or a sole trader, we will refer to you as a Seller, and we will ask you to provide us with:

  • information about the Seller's company (if applicable), such as business registration data, company licenses (if applicable) or tax or similar information;
  • details about the goods and products that the Seller intends to sell through the Platform;
  • purchase and/or payment information, such as bank account details and other information that the Seller uses to receive payment.

If you attend any of our events or acts, contact information such as username, address, telephone number, fax number and email address.

If you are a LibiJrz certified blogger/ influencer , we may ask you for your contact information and that of your social media/blog accounts.

If you choose to provide us with any additional information, such as responses to questionnaires for market research/analysis. This includes data such as your marital status, nationality, sex, date and/or year of birth, annual income, monthly spending and user preferences. If you prefer not to provide us with this information, your use of our products and services will not be affected.

Information we collect automatically:

If you are a Buyer or Seller or a prospective Buyer or Seller, we will automatically collect:

  • A copy of any correspondence with us, including any verification information we request if you contact us for any reason (chat service with our customer service department, phone or email).
  • Details of transactions and communications on the Platform, such as the types and specifications of goods sold and purchased, pricing and delivery information, records of any disputes, communications between Buyers and Sellers on the Platform, and information posted in any discussion forum.
  • Details about purchase and browsing activities on the Platform; for this purpose, we will collect the information automatically from your device. In some countries, including those in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom, this information may be considered personal under data protection laws. Specifically, this information collected may include IP addresses, device type, unique device identifiers, browser type, broad geographic area (eg, location by city or country), browsing patterns, and details about how you have interacted with our Platform and the goods and services available on it. In addition, we collect information about the Platform and visits to it, such as information about the browser, operating system, software and hardware attributes, page views, number of sessions, and unique visits. Some of this information may be collected through cookies and other similar tracking technology, as explained in more detail in the E. COOKIES section below. When we are required to do so by applicable law, we will ask for your prior authorization for the collection of information through cookies and similar tracking technologies.

If LibiJrz has certified you as a blogger or influencer , we may also collect data from your user number and posts/comments you have made on your social media account in connection with the Platform.

Information we receive from third parties:

If you are a Buyer or a Seller, we may receive personal data about you at:

  • Social media platforms, if you choose to open an account on the Platform through a social media account. The exact information we receive will depend on your privacy settings on the relevant platform, but will typically include public profile information:
    • Your username or nickname on social networks
    • Your profile picture on social media
    • Country
    • Company name (if applicable).
  • Third parties contracted by us to provide verification services, such as money laundering, fraud and "Know Your Customer" checks that are performed with respect to Buyers and Sellers. This includes your name, email address, company details and contact information.


We collect and use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • verify the records in the Platform account, such as the checks related to money laundering, fraud, security and "Know Your Customer" in order to approve your accounts as a Seller;
  • verify that you meet the conditions as a blogger or influencer of the Platform;
  • set up/manage Buyer and Seller accounts, providing you with login IDs and setting up payment/trading accounts;
  • provide you with customer service, respond to your questions and comments, and address your complaints and/or disputes;
  • provide/support the general services of the Platform, facilitating communication between Buyers and Sellers, processing operations and payments, assessing advance payment requests from Sellers and providing logistics and delivery services;
  • provide relevant member benefits, including birthday gifts, deals and coupons, anniversary rewards, exclusive pricing;
  • support Buyer's and/or Seller's authorization statements/requests when made through the Platform;
  • verify your identity and purchases in connection with product warranty or other post-sale claims;
  • evaluate and monitor the security of the account and the risks of the operations of Buyers and Sellers, detect and prevent fraud, money laundering and other security incidents;
  • send you advertising and offers for commercial purposes that we think are of interest to you based on the way you use the Platform, your browsing history and your order record;
  • carry out studies and analyzes to guarantee the security of our Platform, enhance the content and presentation of it and improve our offer of products and services;
  • Cookies and other similar technologies may be used to offer you advertising based on your browsing activities and interests (see section E. COOKIES, below for more information).

We may also use your personal information for other purposes that are not incompatible with those we have communicated to you, as long as applicable data protection laws allow it.


We disclose/share personal information with the following categories of recipients:

  • Other Buyers and/or Sellers of the Platform when necessary to support purchases and communications between you. If you are a Buyer, the Sellers you buy from will also control the personal data relating to your purchases and communications with them through the Platform. Consult the Seller's Privacy Policies for more information in this regard.
  • Third party partners and service providers and/or affiliates that we have contracted with or collaborate with us to provide services to you or that process personal information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or that have been notified to you when we collect your personal data. Some categories of these partners and service providers are:
    • LibiJrz group entities and affiliated companies and/or their designated service providers who collaborate with us to provide processing services, such as software, tools, systems and messaging services for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy;
    • our business partners (for example, to offer discounts or offers that may be of interest to Buyers or potential Buyers) where you have given your consent to receive such information from them if required by applicable data protection laws;
    • marketing and advertising partners, such as Google, Twitter , Facebook, Instagram and VKontakte , as well as providers of analysis services in relation to user behavior, in order to adapt the content that you see when visiting our Platform when you have given your consent. consent to the collection of your data through cookies for advertising and/or analysis purposes. These partners may combine the information they collect on our Platform with data from their platforms and data they collect on other websites or through other sources to serve you personalized advertising. The processing activities of these third-party marketing platforms are governed by their own privacy policies and not by this one (see the E.COOKIES section below);
    • payment service providers that provide payment processing services. The activities of payment service providers may be governed by their own privacy policies, not by this one;
    • credit risk assessment providers to conduct a risk analysis of Sellers to determine whether they may qualify for early collection benefits;
    • logistics partners for the purpose of providing shipping services to Buyers and Sellers, including product returns and exchanges, and warehousing services for Sellers;
    • customs brokers for customs clearance purposes, where applicable, to assist Buyers and Sellers with international sales/purchases;
    • cloud computing service providers or other hosting providers, for the purpose of providing cloud storage services;
    • warranty service providers to provide product warranty services when requested by a Buyer or Seller;
    • customer service providers to provide after-sales or other customer support;
    • risk control service providers to assess the security of Buyer's and Seller's accounts and trading risks; Y
    • third party scoring/rating service providers to conduct evaluations of our services with customers if you choose to engage in the evaluation or scoring activities of the Platform's products and/or services;
  • Our professional advisers, law enforcement, insurers, public or regulatory bodies and other organizations where we deem it necessary to comply with applicable laws or to exercise, establish or defend our legal rights or protect your vital interests or those of any other person, or as required or permitted by applicable law.
  • An actual or prospective buyer (and its agents and advisers) in connection with any actual or proposed purchase, merger or acquisition of any part of our business, provided that we inform the buyer that it must use your personal data only for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.
  • Any other person with your consent to the disclosure.

We have established relationships with third parties and external websites so that you can take advantage of products and services that we do not offer. We provide you with access to such third parties and their websites through the use of hyperlinks to these sites on our Platform or through "joint" sites where we and external third parties share the same URL, domain, or pages on a given domain. Internet. In some cases, you may be required to provide personal data to register or apply for products or services provided by such third parties or joint partners. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third party sites or suites. The privacy policies of these third parties may differ from ours and we do not control the information you submit to them. We recommend that you read the applicable privacy policy for third-party sites and joint sites before responding to advertisements for offers, products, or services on such third-party websites.


We will retain your personal data for as long as we have a legitimate business need to do so in order to provide services or products to you, as required or required by applicable law. Where we have no legitimate business need to process your personal data, we will delte or anonymize it, or, where this is not possible (for example, because your personal data has been stored in secure files), we will securely store and maintain it. isolated to avoid further processing until it is possible to delte them. How long your data is kept will also depend on how you use our website (for example, whether you are logged in as a member or visiting the page as a guest) and what the information you give us is used for. facilitates. For example, if you are a registered member, some data will be retained for a period of time after the cancellation or deletion of your account in order to comply with applicable laws in case of litigation. In other cases, the retention period may be determined based on your activity on the Platform or to comply with a specific arbitration/dispute settlement period.


In accordance with applicable law, you may have access rights to Personal data in our possession, as well as other rights. If you are visiting us from the European Union, see section J. VISITS FROM THE EUROPEAN UNION, below.

If you have any questions in relation to this Privacy Policy or if you wish to access or rectify your personal data as a user of, please click here .


This section explains how we use cookies and other similar technologies (collectively, "cookies") to recognize you when you visit our Platform. It details what these technologies consist of and why we use them, as well as your rights to control them.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a string of information that is sent to your browser and stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. If you do not deactivate or delte it, each time you use the same browser or device to access the Platform our web servers will receive a notice of your visit and, in turn, we will know that you have visited us and the pattern of your use.

Cookies set by the owner of the site or application (in this case, LibiJrz) are called "first party cookies". Cookies set by third parties other than the website owner are called "third party cookies". Third-party cookies provide extraneous features or functionality on or through the website (eg advertising, interactive content and analytics). The parties that set these third-party cookies can recognize your device both when you visit the website in question and when you visit some other websites.

Cookies are also classified as "session cookies" (which are delted when you close your browser or turn off your device) and "persistent cookies" (which remain even after you close your browser or turn off your device/app and are activated each time you visit the Platform). Session cookies use encrypted data to authenticate your identity. Persistent cookies do not store account numbers or passwords. We use session cookies and persistent cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

We use first-party and third-party cookies for various reasons.

Some cookies are necessary for technical and/or security reasons for the proper functioning of our Platform. We call them "essential" or "strictly necessary" cookies. First party cookies are used to enable basic functionality on our Platform, including web analytics cookies, which help us understand how users use our web pages and how we can improve their use. For example, we use essential or strictly necessary cookies to remember the products added to your shopping cart on and to recognize you when you log into your account.

We also use social media cookies. You can register as a member of the Platform and "share" its content through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter . We sometimes embed videos from websites like YouTube. These websites have their own privacy policies that govern their use of the information, which can be found on their respective sites.

We also use cookies to help us track and target the interests of people who visit the Platform in order to improve the experience on the Platform, studying visiting patterns and conducting Internet-based advertising, to help our partners to track user visits to the Platforms and track the progress and participation in promotions and the success of our email marketing campaigns. We use first-party and third-party cookies for these purposes.

Cookies we use

Cookie types


How to reject them

Essential Cookies These cookies are strictly necessary to enable access to and use of our Platform. They provide the necessary functionality to guarantee the correct performance, security and functionality of our Platform. These cookies cannot be disabled.

ali_apache_id ,

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aeu_cid ,

aep_usuc_f ,

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cna ,

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acs_usuc_t ,

_ uab_collina ,





Essential cookies cannot be disabled.

Analytics Cookies: These cookies collect information in aggregate form to help us determine and understand how users interact with and use our Platform. We use this information to help us improve and optimize our Platform and its security.

_ ga ,

_ cat ,

_ utma ,

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_ utmz

Google Analytics (see more info below)

To reject these cookies, please follow the instructions below under "How can I control cookies?"

Personalization/advertising cookies: These cookies are used to make advertising messages more relevant to you. They also perform functions such as preventing the same ad from appearing over and over again, ensuring that ads are displayed appropriately for advertisers, and in some cases slecting ads based on your interests.


Twitter _

Googlehttp: //

To reject these cookies, please follow the instructions below under "How can I control cookies?"

Marketing cookies. Marketing cookies help us to ensure that we offer you better targeted and relevant marketing services. We also use marketing cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of our commercial communications by monitoring the open rate and conversions.



To reject these cookies, please follow the instructions below under "How can I control cookies?"

Social Media Cookies: These cookies are used to enable you to share pages and content that you find interesting on our Platform through third party social media and other websites. These cookies may also be used for advertising purposes.


Twitterhttp: //





To reject these cookies, please follow the instructions below under "How can I control cookies?"

Other tracking technologies such as web beacons

Cookies are not the only way to recognize or track visits to our Platform. From time to time we may use other similar technologies, such as web beacons (sometimes called tracking pixels or clear gif ). These are tiny graphic files that contain a unique identifier that lets us know when someone has visited our Platform or opened an email we've sent them. In this way we can monitor the traffic patterns of users from one page of our Platform to another, deliver or communicate with cookies, understand if you have reached our Platform through an online advertisement published on a third-party website, improve site performance and measure the success of email marketing campaigns. In many cases, these technologies depend on cookies to work properly, so the reduction of cookies will impair their operation.

How can I control cookies?

You can decide whether and to what extent you accept cookies by customizing the privacy settings of the browser you use to access the Platform or the "privacy settings" of your mobile device. Because there are different ways in which you can reject cookies through the controls provided by your browser, please visit your browser's help menu for more information. If you adjust your browser's privacy settings, your mobile device will continue to collect data unless you adjust your device's privacy settings and vice versa.

You can decide if you want to accept or reject cookies. If you choose to set your web browser to reject cookies, you may still be able to visit our site, but access to some features and areas of our site may be restricted.

In addition, most ad networks offer you the ability to opt out of personalized advertising. For more information visit or

Some functions of the Platform depend on cookies. Please note that if you choose to block cookies, you may not be able to log in or use features, and preferences that rely on cookies may be lost.

Google Analytics (More information) Our Platform uses Google Analytics , an Internet analysis service provided by Google, Inc. (hereinafter, "Google"). Google cookies allow us to analyze the use of the Platform by telling us which pages our users are viewing, which are the most popular, what time of day our Platform is visited, whether users have visited it before, from which websites they are redirected users to our Platform and other similar data. The data about your use of the Platform generated by the cookies will be transferred to Google and stored by Google on servers located in the United States.

anonymization tool through which these are truncated in the territory of the Member States of the European Union and the rest of the member countries of the European Economic Area. Untruncated IP addresses are only exceptionally transferred to Google services in the US and then truncated there.

Google uses data on behalf of to evaluate your use of the Platform, to collect information about website activity for its operator and for other internet usage activities and services. Google may disclose this data to third parties in accordance with the provisions of the law or for other third parties to carry out additional processing on behalf of Google. If you want more information about Google Analytics cookies , visit:

  • Google Help pages and its Privacy Policy: Google Privacy Policy:; Y
  • the Google Analytics Help Center :

The IP address that your browser will transmit to Google Analytics will not be associated with any other data that Google stores. You can block cookies by setting your browser to do so. However, if you do so, problems may arise when you use some features of our website. Through the "Google Analytics Opt Out" extension you can opt out of the use of Google Analytics in the web browser you are currently using by visiting:

You will find more information at:


The Platform is intended for adults. Users must be over the age of 18 to use our Platform and we do not intend to sell any of our products or services to minors. If a minor has provided us with personal data without the consent of their parents or guardians, they must contact so that we delte that information.


We apply the appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access to the Platform, to maintain the accuracy of the data and to guarantee the correct use of the information we hold. Upon learning of a data breach, we will notify you and regulatory authorities in accordance with the timeframes and scope required by applicable data protection regulations.

For registered users of the Platform, some of your information can be viewed and edited through your account, which is protected by a password. We recommend that you do not disclose your password to anyone. Our staff will never ask you for your password in an unsolicited phone call or unsolicited email. If you share a computer with other people, you should not store login information (for example, username and password) on that shared computer. Remember to sign out of your account and close your browser window when you have finished your session.

No data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network can be guaranteed to be perfectly secure. As a result, while we use appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the information we hold for you, we cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit over the Internet.


We may updte this Privacy Policy from time to time in response to changes in legal, technical or business developments. When we updte our Privacy Policy, we will take appropriate steps to notify you, commensurate with the significance of the changes we make, for example by posting the Privacy Policy changes on the Platform.

Legal basis for data processing

We process personal data for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. Our legal basis for processing your personal data will depend on the data in question and the specific context in which we collect it, but we will do so when:

  • necessary for the performance of any contract between you and (for example, to provide you with the services you have requested and to authenticate you so that you can use the Platform),
  • necessary to comply with legal requirements (for example, comply with applicable accounting regulations and disclose data required by law to law enforcement and judicial bodies);
  • necessary for our legitimate interests and are not overridden by your rights; and/or when based on your consent.

If we collect and use your personal data based on our legitimate interests (or those of any third party), this interest will typically be to operate our Platform and services, manage our relationship with you, and communicate with you as necessary to provide you with our services and for our legitimate business interest, for example, to respond to your inquiries, to improve our Platform and services, to conduct marketing, or to ensure the security of our Platform and services and to detect or prevent illegal activities such as fraud. We may have other legitimate interests and, where applicable, we will make clear to you in a timely manner what these are.

If we ask you to provide personal data to comply with a legal requirement or to enter into a contract with you, we will make this clear in a timely manner and let you know whether or not you are required to provide your data (as well as the possible consequences if you do not provide it). facilitates). In some cases, you may need to provide us with personal data for processing for the purposes described above so that we can provide you with all of our services and so that you can use all of the features of our Platform.

If you have questions or need more information about the legal basis on which we collect and use your personal data, please contact us using the contact details in L. HOW TO CONTACT US, below.

International transfers of personal data

In connection with our Platform, we will send your personal data to countries outside of the EEA (including the United States, Russia, and China). We take appropriate measures to ensure that recipients of your personal data sign confidentiality commitments and apply appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data remains protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy, such as standard contractual clauses. You can obtain a copy of said clauses by requesting it through the contact details that appear in section L. HOW TO CONTACT US, below :.

Your rights

If you reside in the EEA, you have the following data protection rights, which you can exercise at any time by contacting us using the contact details in L. HOW TO CONTACT US below:

  • Right to access, correct, updte or request the deletion of your personal data.
  • Right to object to the processing of your personal information where it is based on our legitimate interests.
  • Right to ask us, in some situations, to restrict the processing of your personal information or request its portability.
  • Right to opt out of receiving marketing communications that we may send you at any time. You can exercise this right by clicking the "unsubscribe" or "unsubscribe" link in the marketing emails we send you. To opt out of other forms of marketing (such as postal marketing or telemarketing ), please contact us using the contact details in L. HOW TO CONTACT US, below.
  • If we have collected and process your personal information with your consent, then you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Withdrawing your consent will not affect the lawfulness of any processing we carried out prior to your withdrawal, nor will it affect processing of your personal information carried out on legal processing grounds other than consent.
  • The right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority about our collection and use of your personal information. For more information, please contact your local data protection authority.

We respond to all requests we receive from individuals who wish to exercise their data protection rights in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

If you notice changes or inaccuracies in your data, you must inform us so that we can updte or correct our records.


In the event of a discrepancy between the English version and the other language version of this Privacy Policy, the English language version shall prevail.


If you have any requests, questions or concerns about our use of your personal data and this Privacy Policy, and/or if you wish to contact the data protection officer, you can send an email to JHernandez@libijrz. com.